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herbal rejuvenation

BODYTONIX Integrated Herbalism.


John Smith is a herbal practitioner who focuses on a much neglected area of healthcare known in India as Rasayana (Elixir Therapy) and in China as Fu Zheng (constitution fortifying). In his practice he draws from the folk traditions of different cultures to provide increased energy and aliveness, through the use of diet, herbs and rejuvenative therapies. 

Although known symptoms are considered, the major aim is to tonify and promote balance within the body so that disease has no place of residence.

'Discord cannot exist in a harmonious environment. Disease cannot remain in a healthy body'.          

John can help with a range of health imbalances - including Hormonal Issues, Energy Deficiency, Skin conditions, Holistic Weight Loss, Digestive Problems, Herbal Rejuvenation, Nicotine Withdrawal and Dietary Advice.

Consultations in Bristol or pre-arranged by telephone.

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