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herbal rejuvenation

About the Practitioner

Over the past 40 years John has trained and worked in China, India, Australia, Europe, Fiji and The U.S.A. His contact with healing cultures across the world has helped him to create a unique combination of holistic approaches to herbalism.

John has studied under a multitude of teachers including Michael Tierra (Planetary Herbologist), David Frawley (Ayurvedic Scholar), Dr. Yang Yong Nian (Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist) and many others.

* Council member of the Unified Register for Herbal Practioners (URHP) and the Ayurvedic Practitioners Assocations (APA).

* Author of two books "100 Herbs of Power" and "Food, Herbs, Health & Healing" both published by Strategic Book Publishers, New York.

* Teaches courses and workshops at The Bristol Folk House since 2005. For more information on upcoming courses please click here.