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herbal rejuvenation


Diagnostic health assessment

During an assessment John will talk through with you any health issues or concerns you may have.

To better understand what is happening in your body he will perform a variety of Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine diagnostic tests which may include pulse, abdominal, face, ear or tongue diagnosis. This will help him to identify how best to help you with the issues you are experiencing and assess the underlying disharmony which is creating the symptoms.


To help improve symptoms and correct the imbalance that is identified a range of treatments are available.
  • Diet and lifestyle advice - according to your constitution.
  • Herbal formulas: these will be tailored for your specific needs
  • and may include herbal decoctions, pills, powders or tinctures, spagyric medicines and attars.
  • Meridian Therapy: to help free blocked energy
  • Cupping: to help dispel stagnation in the body and improve energy circulation.
  • Auriculotherapy: using ear points to produce reflex action